ALL need the Gospel, Many STILL Need Food, Water and Other Essentials.

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We are a Missions minded Ministry that supports Missionaries all over the Globe! 100% of Donations go straight to Missions!


Our Mission and How it All Started

Our Mission

Our Mission At Team Redemption Ministries is to be a Leading Missionary Ministry that works hand in hand with other Missionaries and Pastors all over the globe to provide support for them, and their missions in the field.  We are the United Body of Christ. It is a Team Redemption effort and we aim to be the front runners for this mission, spreading the Gospel and helping all we come in contact with just as Jesus did 2000 years ago.  What better way to do so than together? Jesus had 12 disciples and with the way we can connect in modern times why not have hundreds? If you want to partner with us and know a Missionary that would like to be supported by Team Redemption, please let us know! 

Why, You may Ask?

The first 6 months of my life I was in the hospital, dying as an infant. 

Just before I was released, the doctors said "there's nothing more we can do for him, go spend time with him." So my grandmother headed straight to the small hospital chapel as my mother wept beside me.

What was wrong?

 I had 2 blood disorders; internal bleeding and no platelets to stop it.

So one problem was the others worst combination. Christ endured the ultimate death the same way as His blood poured out for you. 

The Miracle!

I am in the medical book of records because of this. During my stay at the hospital, I had 3 Full Body Blood Transfusions. I like to Consider this Faith, Hope and Love. This was in 1984, and now I plan to use my story as a testimony for God along with reaching many with the calling and anointing placed on my life. In 2012 I began this ministry and later became an ordained minister. I am preparing a book for all to read of the miracle God did in me for all to read.

Our Published Devotional - Today's Letter From God

Place your order on our Donate Now page to reserve your copy. This Daily Devotional will be out around December 2018, followed up by other wonderful works from Author Iris Lay with Team Redemption Ministries.

All the Missionaries we come in contact with and support, receive a free copy of this devotional. Also, for every donation we give away atleast one free copy to a missionary in the field so they may also bless someone else.

Samples from Today's Letters from God

Samples from the book

We have places some examples of Today's Letters from God here for your convience.

 If you would like your own copy of Today's Letters From God by Author Iris Lay, Published by Minister Christopher McCormick, Founder of Team Redemption and inspired by God then please reach out to us for your own copy. We soon will have an app also that you can have the Daily Devotional come straight to!

Here are a couple samples from the book:

Sample 1

 You may say to yourself, "My power and the strength of  my hands have produced this wealth for me."  But remember the LORD your God, for it is he  who gives you the ability to produce wealth,  and so confirms his covenant, which he swore  to your forefathers, as it is today. Deuteronomy 8:17-18

My Dear Child, When you work hard and are rewarded financially for your efforts, to whom do you give the credit? Is it your boss or supervisor, or the company you work for, or possibly your investment advisor? Or is it you? Do you think that your power and strength and wisdom and diligence have produced your wealth? When I delivered the Israelites from bondage and they went into the promised land, I had to warn them not to fall into the trap of thinking their own hands produced their wealth. I admonished them to constantly remember that it was I who gave them the ability to work.  So it is with you. When is the last time you gave thanks for the abilities you have to work and earn a living? Was it last November just before the turkey dinner? When rewards and opportunities come your way for increased wealth, remember to remember me, for I am the source of all your blessings, both material and spiritual.  The next thing you might do is ask me if I intended your wealth to be used for you and your comfort, or if there is something else I have in mind for its use. You see, this is how I work. I use people I can trust to funnel resources where I want them to go. Are you one of those people I can trust in that way? This is a decision I will allow you to make. While you're thinking it through, remember to give me thanks for all you have accomplished and accumulated.

Your Loving Provider, God ©️

Sample 2

Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing. Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? Isaiah 43:18-19

My Dear Child, Do you ever find yourself feeling so satisfied or dissatisfied in your present circumstances that you begin to believe they will never change? But if you look back over your life, you will notice that very little has remained the same. You see, I am always working, moving things around in your life, according to my plans. Even during those times that you think it's always going to be the same circumstances for you, you can be sure that I am working behind the scenes. Then one day a new opportunity seems to spring up out of nowhere and comes to your attention. Just because it is a surprise to you doesn't mean it surprises me.  You see, I have plans for your life -- plans to put you in situations where I can use you and your gifts, plans for you to minister to someone who needs you. I have plans to bless you and change things in your life for your good. You may have been praying for a situation to change, and because I didn't work immediately, you thought that I wasn't going to answer your prayer. But since I have the vision into the future that you don't have, I can arrange situations with perfect timing. So take heart today. I am working on your behalf. You just watch and see.

Your Loving Father, God  ©️ 

About Us

Our Mission

To help provide the Word of God and the Essentials of life to those in need, as well as increase the quality of life by the Missions we assist with

What We Do

We work with Missionaries and Pastors around the Globe to help ALL throughout the world

How Can You Help

Donate to help.

We aim to provide to those in need and plant churches for them to get the Bread of Life

Welcome, Below are Some Ministries We Support

Our Vision

We Support the Vision of Others

When we Come together, we can do more for The Kingdom. These are some of the Ministries whom we support the vision of.

We also have many missionaries we support, if you would like to be one of these please contact us Today! This ministry is Self-funded by our own efforts, published works and by others dontations!

Want Your Ministry Listed?

Please reach out to us and let Us Connect with You, we would Love to help!

For Example, here are just a couple of the Missionaries, and below missions that we support.

Brother Wesley Brinson and family Serving in the Arabian Peninsula

Brother Ashley Penley Serving in Ecuador, South America

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We are Building a Christian School at our Home Church

A Few Current Projects We Need Help With

Provide Running Water to over 40,000 people

Please help us provide running water to the residents of this community. Their hearts are on fire for Jesus they just need help from us! We will pipe in 5 miles of water line from the nearest town and provide the pumps and equipment to do so. 

Help Us Bless These Children

 These children need help with schooling and food. The local pastor is trying to help the community but needs funds to help cover the roof of the church so it doesn't keep damaging the House of the Lord so that they may worship. In addition there is other work to finish the building.

Church Planting

Here Is One Church That Needs Finished

Please help donate so we can help these wonderful Christians with a proper structure and food for the future generations.

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