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100% OF YOUR DONATION GOES STRAIGHT TO THE MISSIONS FIELD!!! Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals, save lives and improve conditions. Your Generous Donation will help provide for many others and spread the Everlasting Word of God.

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A Few Current Projects We Need Help With

Provide Running Water to over 40,000 people

Please help us provide running water to the residents of this community. Their hearts are on fire for Jesus they just need help from us! We will pipe in 5 miles of water line from the nearest town and provide the pumps and equipment to do so. 

Help Us Bless These Children

These children need help with schooling and food. The local pastor is trying to help but needs funds to cover the roof of the church so it doesn't keep damaging the House of the Lord so that they may worship.

Church Planting

Here Is One Church That Needs Finished

Please help donate so we can help these wonderful Christians with a proper structure and food for the future generations.

About Us

Our Mission

 To help provide the Word of God and the Essentials of life to those in need, as well as increase the quality of life by the Missions we assist with 

What We Do

 We work with Missionaries and Pastors around the Globe to help ALL throughout the world 

How Can You Help

 Donate to help.

We aim to provide to those in need and plant churches for them to get the Bread of Life

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Would You like an Interview With God?

Would you like to speak to God? What would He say... Find out here in this video what we think He may say and How Jesus did what God wants us to do. We hope you Enjoy the Video and if it Touches you, Please let us know!